Aerobics may be the best exercise for teenage girls

Teenagers worrying about their weight, no longer need to worry about the best exercise to get results. Dr. SoJung Lee, Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, in a study examining aerobic exercises against resistance exercises found aerobic exercises were far more effective in reducing fat tissue around important organs for obese girls than resistance weight training.

resistance-training44 obese teenagers aged between (12-18 yrs) were divided into three groups and put through their paces. The first group were asked to adhere to 60 minutes of aerobics with treadmill or elliptical trainer for 3 days of a week for 3 months.  For the second group, the treadmill was out and in its place 10 body resistance exercises using weight machines. Last but not the least, the third group was asked not to exercise.

All the participants went through a detailed medical before the start of the study which recorded their fat content in various parts of their body, weight, height and insulin levels.

Bad news first, despite three months of exercises the weights of participants didn’t change much with both the exercise groups ( mind you they were not following any form of diets ) but the good news was that there was considerable reduction in total fat surrounding vital organs and insulin levels.

Compared to resistance training, aerobics group showed higher reduction in fat and insulin levels. Making the case for aerobics stronger was the fact that the girls said they enjoyed doing aerobics more than resistance training during the study.

Follow a balance diet, dust off your old aerobics instructor DVDs and start enjoying your workouts again. Remember that you can’t continue doing anything that you don’t enjoy.

Further reading: Full text PDF of study

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