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Research has shown that Appesat is an extremely effective weight loss supplement. Extracted from Laminaria Digitata, Appesat is an edible seaweed, (kelp to you and me), it is harvested from farms on the Atlantic coast.

Appesat, Endorsed by Dr Chris Steele MBEWhy Chosse Appesat ?

  • One of the most media supported products today
  • Naturally sourced, clinically proven fibre complex
  • Unique seaweed formula for proven weight loss
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Helps you to stop overeating
  • Endorsed by Doctor Chris Steele MBE

How Does It Work ?

Appesat remains active in your stomach for hours because it is resistant to stomach acid and works by stimulating sensors in your stomach wall, sending a signal to your brain telling it that your stomach is full.

Taking any appetite suppressant will allow you to discover new healthy eating habits, which will stop the yo-yo dieting effect. With its natural seaweed extract, Appesat is designed to help you eat less and lose weight – not just water.

Customer Reviews

I lost 3 stone:My family has always enjoyed food and eaten big meals. As a result I have always been on the bigger side. At my heaviest I was 15 stone and I thought it is time I changed my eating habits and lifestyle.

Appesat has really helped me reduce the amount I eat at meal times and stop snacking in between meals. I have lots more energy and have started walking to work instead of taking the bus.

I’ve lost 3 stone already and have more to go, soon I will be able to say I am half the person I was.’ Review by: Laura

I’ve learnt what is right for me

: Appesat has really helped me learn about portion size and what is the right amount of food for me to be at the weight I want to be.Review by: Nick

I tried joining weight loss clubs like Slimming World and Weight Watchers but nothing seemed to work and keep the little amount of weight I lost off.

My colleague recommended Appesat and said it was like a gastric band pill, I thought I’d try it and it worked from the first tablet I took. I was leaving food on my plate and the weight started coming off and staying off’. Review by: Ellie

Where To Buy ?

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