Meratol Review


The Completely Natural Answer to Weight Loss

Benefits Of Meratol

  • Control your Appetite
  • Block carbohydrates
  • Reduce body fat
  • Burn calories

Why Is Meratol So Special ?

1 Formula – 4 Clinically Proven Ingredients -.Meratol is a patented formulation that brings together 4 clinically proven powerful ingredients for the first time.This forumulation has so much goodness packed into each pill that it is guaranteed to get rid of fat.

  • 1st Ingredient to Control our Appetite – The amount of food we eat is the key to controlling our weight. Snacking on sugary treats is a bit like eating a Chinese meal – you feel really full at the time but very soon afterwards, you feel hungry again. It’s all to do with your serotonin levels becoming too low which makes us crave foods high in carbohydrates. BUT to stop these food cravings, Meratol contains Cactus Extract to keep your blood sugar levels normal.
  • 2nd Ingredient to Reduce Body Fat & Block Carbohydrate Intake – It becomes very boring and demotivating to have to watch what we eat all the time. Meratol contains Brown Seaweed Extract that has been proven to block 82% of the carbohydrates that we eat and binds with the fat that we absorb from every meal. By doing this, the fat in our stomachs becomes too big to be absorbed and is flushed through our system naturally.
  • 3rd Ingredient to Speed up Our Metabolism – We can only maintain our weight loss if our metabolism is working efficiently and unfortunately, this is one of the reasons so many people put the weight back on (and usually more as well) after dieting.  Your metabolism converts the unwanted fat into energy which then goes on to burn the excess stored fat  but most overweight people generally have a slow metabolism, making the problem of losing weight even harder. Meratol uses Prickly Pear to counteract a slow metabolism, making it easier to fight against the extra fat.
  • 4th Ingredient to Burn Calories – The process called Thermogenesis converts calories to heat which gives us more energy and increases our metabolism. Meratol uses this process with the same clinically proven Capsicum Extract found in the very popular Capsiplex. Capsicum helps to burn 12 times more calories to keep your energy levels and metabolism high to really burn off those calories.


Meratol Scientific studies prove that you lose 5lbs in a week!

Meratol is backed up by Clinical Studies

Brown Seaweed Extract

Brown seaweed extract which can offer a full spectrum weight management support. It has a high  content of original marine polyphenols, minerals and trace elements.Clinical study on overweight woman during 2 months:

  • Almost 3 kg weight loss
  • 100% weight loss = fat loss
  • Shapped buttocks and thighs
  • 76% of consumers convinced by ID-alG™
  • No side effects

Prickly Pear Extract

Prickly Pear fruit water extract, with antioxidant and diuretic properties. Prickly Pear  is 100% natural and clinically tested. It can be incorporated into your dietary supplements and/or functional food and beverages for weight management and antioxidant protection.Clinical study on Prickly Pear (August 2009)

  • Positive effect on body composition (fat / lean mass)
  • Significant reduction of the water mass
  • Positive effect on the silhouette
  • No side effect concerning blood pressure
  • Mineral balance preservation

Cactus Extract

Cactus Extract is a 100% natural ingredient made from dehydrated cactus leaves. Beyond its lipophilic properties (ability to interact with fats), Cactus Extract also showed a positive effect on blood lipid parameters and Syndrome X diagnosis.

Directions To Use

Take meratol two times a day, morning and evening before food.Each bottle contains 60 capsules.For optimum results its recommended that you take meratol for two months and for maintaining your wait continue taking 1 meratol capsules everyday after you have reached your desired weight.

Where To Buy ?

Buy the fast selling meratol for the cheapest price online from the official site : .

Note:There are delays in shipping,Instead of the 3-4 days of delivery it may take 5-6 days due to the logistics team at meratol being overwhelmed by the orders.I will post an update soon when this backlog will be cleared and normalcy returned to shipping.

Meratol still ships within 3-4 Days to USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy,Ireland,Western Europe, India, China.


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