Bride To Be Diet – Losing weight for the wedding day

Perfect wedding is every women’s dream and the planning starts early. Brides leave no stone unturned from the flowers to the dress and increasingly it seems losing weight according to this Cornell university study . It seems 70% of 272 brides-to-be who were part of the study were looking to lose weight and 15% of knowingly bought wedding dresses of size that was below their current size.”Many women used one or more extreme weight loss behaviors” adds scientist Lori A. Neighbors.
Bride To Be
Recently workout crash course, diet plans, and other drastic weight loss programs have been devised solely to cater to the bride-to-be. The big question though is it necessary or more importantly healthy to adhere to drastic weight loss regimen? . Answer is no. Leading experts have all called for restraint and have warned of long term health problems.Eventually in the days that follow, 57% brides-to-be undo all their hard-work and gain the lost weight quicker than they have lost it.

What all this means is there is no quick alternative to proper weight management. Desire to look good on your wedding date is not bad but the way in which you attain the weight must be sustainable and that is only possible with proper workouts and consistently healthy eating habits. Here are some ideas that you could help you plan your weight loss better.

  • Hard-work losing weight is hard-work and stay away from anybody that tells you otherwise. There is no magic potion.
  • Be realistic you cannot lose weight in a month. Give yourself some time, set realistic targets and be happy.
  • Motivation you are not going to lose weight by having miserable thoughts, think positive and have a target to motivate yourself
  • Diary Write down your workouts and calories you consume. It’s can reveal your bad habits, forget late night binging.
  • Rest Don’t burden yourself with too much work, get help from wedding planner or relative or friend. Late nights should be avoided at all costs as irregular sleeping patterns could make your diets harder.
  • Rewards Mark your progress with rewards it helps you keep track and motivate yourself. Easy on the junk food though.
  • Adventure Mix it up take your loved one with you for calorie burning bonding activities like adventure sports, cycling or running. Breaking up your regular workouts with other activities is a great way to break the weight loss plateau.

You were loved and proposed to for who you were and it doesn’t matter whether you have lost a couple of pounds and fit into you a designer wedding dress.If you are losing weight at all it must be with your health in mind and for no other reason.

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