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Helping you avoid weight loss purchasing disasters!

During our 41 years of married life, we have enjoyed a very active and adventurous life together. As we get older, controlling our weight has become more difficult (it's never been easy anyway). We have tried many different diets and exercise regimes to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Dieting is never easy and we found, like most people, we needed extra help. Because of this we turned to weight loss supplements, pills, drinks and patches, but because of the sheer volume of supplements available it was difficult to know where to start.

First we needed to know which supplement was right for us as individuals. Did they work, how much did they cost and where to buy them from and very importantly could they harm us. We discovered to our cost, that an awful lot of weight loss supplements are fake and do not do the job as advertised, and can even be dangerous.

Eventually through hours of research and some costly mistakes we found what we needed and what type of diet pill worked for us and now want to pass our experiences on to others so you don't fall into the pitfalls we did.

Out of the 100's of products available I only recommend and promote those that I know are genuine, safe, work and are supplied either direct from the manufacturer or their official reseller.

If you have experienced any bad practise we would love to hear from you so I can place a warning about them on our site to other possible victims of malpractice. If you need any help in resolving any issues with unscrupulous suppliers, call or e-mail me and I will try to help.

Thank you for viewing my site.

Carol Sharp