LIPObind Review


Clinically Proven Fat Binder(Pill)

Want to lose weight but enjoy food high in Saturated Fats?

Recommended by Dr Chris Steele MBE.

Endorsed by Dr. Chris Steele MBEClinical studies have proved that Lipobind can remove up to a massive 27% of fat from the food you eat on a daily basis.

Eating too much saturated fat can lead to health problems such as heart disease, strokes, high cholesterol and obesity.

Lipobind blocks the absorption of the saturated fatswe all consume from eating convenience and high fat foods, mainly due to time restrictions in our daily life (ie. take away sandwiches instead of home made).

Lipobind comes in capsule form and has no known side effects.

Benefits of Taking LIPObind

  • Helps reduce cholesterol
  • Binds up to 27% of dietary fat
  • Lose weight easily
  • 100% Natural ingredients and clinically proven

Research has shown that LIPObind is the same product as Proactol, (my # 1 Fat Binder), marketed under another name; a great product, just a different name.

Lipobind has been clinically proven to bind together with the carbohydrate and fat molecules contained in our everyday food ensuring that they are too big to be absorbed. This makes losing weight naturally, healthily and safely much easier.

Stop feeling guilty about eating all those ‘banned foods’ that we are all suppose to avoid, start taking Lipobind and get back to enjoying eating again. Let’s face it, if we stop eating everything we enjoy, our diet just won’t last and we certainly won’t lose any weight.

NB: All weight loss supplements recommended on my site are 100% genuine and from reputable suppliers.

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Directions To Use

LIPObind comes in boxes containing 60 pills per box. You should take 3 pills per day. LipoBIND is the same product as Proactol!


[table id=11 /] Customer Reviews

How bad is the TV advert?! Good product.2nd December 2009Well I saw the product on GMTV, I bet we all did yes? The advert is really bad… shhhhh….. ! Funny though. Well I decided to give it a go (I basically do with anything on GMTV) and it works. Quite simply, it works.

You can get this product from other places online but I have done that before and got quite obvious fake Lipobind! Results so far? Well for me it is about my waist size, I have lost 2 dress sizes. Which is fantastic. Continuing to use the product.

I usually find that my initial weight loss will slow down – let’s see!” Review by: Sian Hatton

Great Delivery – 2nd December 2009Well I received the product very quickly which was great. The box was also very discreet.

I tried the product for 2 months and it did result in my going to the toilet lots. However I only lost 4lb over this 2 month period AND I was eating pretty healthy too. I would use again, but for now I will try something else.” Review by: Linda Bramwell

I have gone down 3 dress sizes with Lipobind! – 2nd December 2009 “I was really fit and active before I started uni but my priorities soon changed and I ended up studying and going out and not exercising.

My weight gradually increased, not helped by nights in with a take away and snacking between meals.

I am a vegetarian and don’t eat dairy so finding the right diet pill was hard. Then I was recommended Lipobind, I started taking it, combining it with moderate exercise and reducing my portion size.

Within under 2 weeks I had lost 2 1/2 lbs, this gave me the confidence to carry on and continue loosing weight.” Review by: Steph

I lost 7 stone! – 1st December 2009 “I was always big as a teenager but at 17 I stopped exercising as much and really began to fill out within a year or so I was 20 stone and couldn’t play the sport I used to.

I decided it was time to sort it out, I stopped snacking, ate more fruit and veg and starting running a few times a week, though slowly at first.

Before I knew it I was down to 16 stone, though I still wanted to lose more.” I discovered Lipobind through my girlfriends friend and it has really helped me to keep my daily fat in take in check and has seen my weight steadily drop to 13 stone.” Review by: Michael