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Like to Exercise? You Can Still Burn EXTRA calories

Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight is not just about taking a weight loss supplement; exercise and healthy eating is essential for your health and well-being. If you already enjoy exercising (even simple things like walking – it doesn't have to be a strenuous workout at the gym), you will definitely benefit from one of my top Fat Burners.

Fat Burners work by increasing thermogenesis; this means that they convert more of the food you eat into heat, before it can be stored as fat. The heat is then converted into energy to burn the fat and keep you exercising for longer and more effectively.

How many times have you seen men and women who are quite large but regularly keep active, or go to the gym? They may not have the ideal weight but I will guarantee that they are probably a lot healthier than those of us who don't exercise that much.

With a selection of pills, patches or drinks, there really is a perfect Fat Burner to suit everyone:


Editor's Choice #1 Rated

Recent reports have shown that Phen375 is achieving incredible results when it comes to weight loss products.  This prescription strength tablet is safe and reliable and has been tried and tested by 1000’s of users. Phen375 is a maximum strength fat burner that will help you lose between 3-5lbs per week by increasing metabolism, suppressing the appetite and speeding the bodies fat burning ability.

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Capsiplex 1 of my top Fat BurnersCapsiplex

#2 fastest growing brand

This 100% natural weight loss pill has recently taken the world by storm and when first released in the UK, it sold out within 3 days. Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, Capsiplex can help to burn 12 times more calories by increasing your energy levels, stimulating your metabolism and  burning extra calories. Capsiplex has been clinically tested and has no known side effects.

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Tava Tea agreat way to lose weightTava Tea

#3 Organic & Herbal !

This weight loss tea actually tastes delicious! Made from the best quality ingredients and proven to reduce both body fat and cholesterol levels, Tava Tea comes with a full money back guarantee and, unlike competitors, does not offer a ‘scam free trial’.

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The Brazilian Diet System for Women


How would you like to lower your body fat and boost your metabolism even when resting? Well now you can with the powerful fat burning properties of the Brazilian Diet System.

By combining the Acai Berry antioxidants with Green Tea Extract and Bee Pollen, your metabolism will get a massive boost letting you burn unwanted fat even while you are sleeping.

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The Brazilian Diet System for Men

Bazilian Diet System for Men#4 POWERFUL MIX

There is no better way to get the super abs you've always wanted than by taking the new exclusive Brazilian Diet System for Men. Containing Acai Berry, Green Tea and White Kidney Bean Extract, this powerful fat burner will do wonders for reducing your body fat levels.

It's now possible to burn calories (even while resting) as the antioxidants in the Acai Berry combined with the Green Tea give your metabolism a massive boost.

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Pure Acai Berry

#5 Fat Burner With Detox

Pure Acai Berry is set to become the most popular Acai Berry product available. It contains 100% pure organic berries from the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest and has been described as the super fruit that will turbo charge your weight loss. Pure Acai Berry is freeze dried immediately after harvesting and has the highest yield of acai berry on the market. No added ingredients or preservatives; just pure Acia Berry!

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Capsiplex under another name#6 Chilli Kick!

Slimkick is the latest chilli pepper weight loss formula. Two products for the price of one in this revolutionary new weight loss sensation containing research backed metabolism boosting ingredients. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the hot capsicum peppers will boost both your energy levels and your metabolism along with suppressing your appetite.

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Fat Burners Side Effects

We should all be careful and aware of possible side effects when taking any sort of medication or supplement.  The products that we review are all made up of  natural ingredients and shouldn't cause any side effects . However, where there are any side effects, we make sure that we tell you on the product page.

Always check the label carefully when purchasing any weight loss product as they can become addictive and can cause any of the following:

  • headaches & insomnia caused by too much caffeine
  • increased heart rate caused by stimulants
  • cramps, constipation and diarrhoea can be caused by any of the diet supplements

If you experience any side effects at all, you MUST stop taking them straight away.

Many of our suppliers give a money back guarantee, just in case you have problems. Check the product websites for details