Brazilian Diet for Men

The Brazilian Diet

Fat Burner for Men

Lose 3 Pounds Every Week!

Bazilian Diet System for MenThere is no better way to get the super abs you’ve always wanted than by taking the new exclusive Brazilian Diet System for Men. The Brazilian Diet System for Men Contains

  • Pure Acai Berry
  • Green Tea
  • White Kidney Bean Extract
  • Guarana Seeds

Beware Of American Brazilian Diet!

WARNING! My research has shown that the Brazilian Diet System on this site is NOT the same as the American Brazilian Diet that you may have seen advertised on the internet. The American Brazilian Diet shows traces of amphetamines and other substances found in Antidepressants. Customers who have bought these over the counter pills were stunned to find that their urine was laced with controlled substances. The genuine product is pinky grey in colour NOT the orange and yellow pills sold from the USA. ONLY buy the Brazilian Diet System from the authorised website to make sure you are not buying dangerous substances.

What Makes Brazilian Diet System For Men Work ?

It’s now possible to burn calories (even while resting) as the antioxidants in the Acai Berry combined with the Green Tea will really boost metabolism and increase energy levels.

  • 100% Pure Acai Berry has many health benefits including the ability to promote a healthy digestive and cardiovascular systems, due to the combination of dietary fibre, phytosterols and healthy fats. Also containing all the omega oils you need, each capsule is packed full of vitamins and is NOT an extract.
  • The increasingly popular Green Tea extract is a weight loss herb, rich in powerful antioxidants that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and protect us from infection. Used as a weight loss supplement, Green Tea has had great results as a powerful fat burner.
  • White Kidney Bean extract allows you to enjoy your favourite high fat foods (in moderation of course) because it stops the carbohydrates breaking down the sugars and storing it as fat.
  • Guarana Seeds (not found in the Women’s version of the Brazilian Diet System) contains a form of caffeine that is not water soluble so the body does not absorb it so quickly. Instead of getting a sudden energy boost as in strong coffee, the Guarana Seeds release the energy slowly allowing you to feel the benefit over a much longer period.

Directions to use the Brazilian Diet System

If you do not exercise, take 2 capsules every morning before breakfast with water (do not take more than 2 in any 24 hours). With exercise, take 1 capsule every morning before breakfast with water and another later in the day prior to your workout (do not take more than 2 in any 24 hours). You will find that during and after your workout, you will have more energy.Its recommended that you take these pills for atleast 3 months to see the results.

Brazilian Diet Ingredients

  • Green Tea extract (40% Polyphenols) 140mg
  • 100% Pure Acai (Powder) 100mg (100mg)
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract 12:1 (Standardised to contain 6% Synephrine) 75 mg (900mg)
  • Guarana Extract 4:1 (Standardised to contain 22% Caffeine) 75 mg (300mg)
  • White Kidney Bean (Extact 4:1) 25mg (100mg)
  • Bee Pollen
  • Excipients 6mg
  • Brown Rice Flour (non active) 93 mg

Where To Buy ?

buy brazilian diet system from for the best price and genuine quality.

The Brazilian Diet System for Men comes in individual monthly supplies.[table id=13 /]