Senna is a large tropical flowering plant with over 50 different species of the genus in cultivation.Senna’s & Senna Alexandrina in particular have been used for their medicinal properties for long. Senna glycosides from the dried leaves of the plant is made into syrups, capsules and various other medicinal concoctions and  used to treat constipation, […] Read more »


Rhamnus (Common or Purging Buckthorn) shrub is native to northern Europe and Asia. It’s berries are used medicine as laxative and cathartic.Rhamnus purshiana or Cascara Buckthorn is a species of buckhorn native to western part of North America. The dried barks of cascara contain hydroxyanthracene glycosides and emotin which act as laxatives. It was used […] Read more »

Garcinia Cambogia

It’s the common name for tropical fruit  “Garcinia gummi-gutta”, mainly found in Indonesia and Kerala, in southern India. It is also referred to as “Vadakkan puli” in various Ayurvedic decoction literature. Its used as a souring agent in malabar curries,  hence locally referred to as “Malabar Tamarind”. Vadakkan Puli in Malayalam ( language used in […] Read more »


A dietary fiber naturally extracted from the from the roots of the “Amorphophallus Konjac” or “Konjac” plant. Another natural source for the fiber is “salep“, made from tubers of orchids belonging to “orchis genus”, an ingredient used in Turkish cuisine as a food additive to thicken or gel. It is used an herbal supplement for […] Read more »


Guarana or Paullinia cupana is a herb native to the Amazon basin largely used by Brazilian tribes during rituals. The herb has high caffeine content, nearly twice as high as regular coffee.In addition to caffeine, guarana also has other central nervous system stimulants in theophylline and theobromine. Since it’s approval as “generally recognized as safe” […] Read more »

Guar Gum

also known as guaran or guar or galactomannan is made from guar beans found in India. The off-white flour of guar is widely used in rajasthani cuisine as an thickening agent. It’s high soluble fiber content acts as a laxative to relieve bowel and related ailments. In the US guar supplements were promoted heavily for […] Read more »