Restriction Operation

A type of weight loss surgery which introduces a restriction to the flow of food into stomach, usually the restriction is a band placed at the top of the stomach. For Example: Gastric Band Surgery. Read more »

Vertical-Banded Gastroplasty

Vertical-Banded Gastroplasty ( VBG ) or Stomach Stapling, is a surgical procedure that makes stomach smaller using staples and a band. The decrease in size of stomach will eventually cause a decrease in food consumption and subsequently weight loss. Read more »

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

A type of gastric bypass surgery that reconstructs stomach and upper intestine in Y shape. It is one of the most popular bypass surgeries and set to even reverse the onset of type 2 diabetes. Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass Surgery is usually referred with its acronym RYGB. Doctors might recommended RYGB for low risk individuals […] Read more »


A minimally invasive surgical procedure performed using a laparoscope, a long fiber-optic tube. The procedure is largely used to diagnose diseases and perform keyhole surgery. lorazepam 1 mg precio barato 10mg valium sin receta lexatin 1.5 mg comprar sin receta Read more »

Multidisciplinary Bariatric Program

A program especially designed to treat morbidly obese patients with a multidisciplinary program. The program contains surgery, internal medicine, nutrition, psychiatric, physiology, assessment, and treatment. Read more »

NIH Surgical Criteria

Minimum criteria for bariatric surgery set by National Institutes of Health (US) .You meet the minimum NIH surgical criteria, if BMI is greater than 40 or 35 if you have diabetes or BP. please do check our BMI tool Willing of follow a healthy diet. Over 18 years of age. Suffering from illnesses caused by […] Read more »