Google Fight Back at Rogue Pharmacies


Everyone knows that with the amount of business done on the Internet these days, it is very easy to be duped into buying fake and potentially dangerous products (especially in the weight loss marketplace). Google work very hard and put in a lot of effort to make sure that advertisers provide only the very best, useful information for their users.

Every now and then they come across an advertiser who violates Google policies, but these advertisers have become very sophisticated at finding new tactics to get around the protection and safeguards on the net.

A major advertiser on the Google network is pharmaceutical companies who promote products that are fake and can be dangerous without the right prescription or the right advice. Not only are these rogue pharmacies bad for users but they are giving all the legitimate online businesses and promoters of genuine products a bad name.

It is difficult enough for consumers to spot a scam, but we all need to know that we can trust those that advertise to be the real deal and that they will produce the results we are all paying for.

Google Fight Back

On 21st September 2010, Google filed a civil lawsuit against illegal advertisers who have deliberately broken the rules, and they will add further rogue traders to the lawsuit as and when they are identified. Google are confident that with their team of lawyers and their standing on the net, they WILL win this fight.

Michael Zwibelman – Litigation Counsel stated, “Rogue pharmacies are bad for our users, for legitimate online pharmacies and for the entire e-commerce industry – so we are going to keep investing time and money to stop these kinds of harmful practices.”

This development should earn Google a few points in the “don’t be evil” department, considering that the company’s dedicating itself to alienating advertisers.

Weight Loss Product Reviews

As stated on our website, we have been caught out by these scams and the reason for our involvement in Weight Loss Products is to prevent anyone else from being conned out of not only their money, but also any success when trying to lose any weight.

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