Study links obese teenage girls to lower grades

A study by researchers from universities of Strathclyde, Georgia, and Bristol has linked obesity in adolescent teenage girls to lower grades in school. This is certainly the most comprehensive study linking obesity and education to be published on International Journal Of Obesity with BMI of 6000 children aged Read more »

Gastric band surgery reverses the aging process

Weight loss surgeries like gastric band are classified as cosmetic surgery but recent studies show that surgeries like these have lot more to offer than just a slimmer body. Researchers at the Stanford Medical Center say that those who had undergone gastric band surgery have shown signs of reversed aging Read more »

Chart Shows America’s Obesity Epidemic

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease has released a chart showing the alarming increase in obesity in America to epidemic proportions. According to a recent study, 66% of America is overweight or obese. Every third American agrees that Obesity is the most important health problem facing the country and a total Read more »

Saturated fat debate – Is it good or bad ?

Ever since the BMJ published this article "Saturated fat is not the major issue"  it has become the most debated topic in health and lifestyle circles with experts taking sides and laying down arguments that counters the other. In his article on BMJ Dr. Aseem Malhotra, interventional cardiology specialist registrar, Read more »