Healthy diets promote graceful aging

A healthy diet, not just good for your immediate health, but an investment that keeps rewarding as you age. Researchers have been successful in finding the link between your diet and aging.  They found that women in their 50s showed remarkable signs of slowing or reversing aging, when they were on a mediterranean diet.

graceful-agingIn a report published on annals of internal medicine researchers from INSERM, had revealed the result of their study that started way back in 1984.  About 10,670 women with dietary data and no major chronic diseases with a median age of 59 were chosen to be part of the experiment and asked to provide health information twice through questionnaires. The information was analysed 15 years later to evaluate the merits of their diets in comparison to alternative healthy eating index (AHEI 2010) from 2010. 

In this study, researchers defined “Graceful” aging as growing older to 70 years or above, without major chronic diseases or major cognitive or physical impairments. Only 11% ( 1,171 ) of the women satisfied the criteria for graceful aging and the rest classified as normal.Diets were measured on a scale with range from 110 (healthy) to 0 (unhealthy). Graceful agers averaged 53.6 on the scale and were found to be less likely to smoke and drink.The AHEI-2010 and Alternate Mediterranean diet were significantly associated with greater likelihood of no major limitations in physical function and mental health.

While the researchers used only women in these experiments, researchers say there is no reason why it won’t work for men and urged for a better diet in midlife to help promote graceful aging.

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