Low calorie wines : Can I drink it and still lose weight ?

Low calorie wines promise the weight conscious that they could enjoy their wine and still lose weight.  It seems the wine enthusiasts among those have taken a liking to it, so much so that earlier this month a popular TV show host launched 8 new low-cal wines.

white-wineWinemarkers say that these new wines have less than 100 calories per glass compared to 120 calories of regular wines and costs anywhere between $15 to $300 per bottle. It is not just the low-calorie count but the whole package which includes costs, calorie benefits and branding that is attracting a lot of women to buy these wines. As of today 75% of customers for these wines are women.

“It’s real wine. The quality is there. We don’t skimp on the quality – just the calories,” said Nicole Carter from Treasury Wine Estates.

So how did these winemakers reduce the calorie count of wines ? Normally wine contains 12% to 13.5% alcohol by volume but low-calorie versions contain far less about 7% alcohol by volume.  As alcohol is the primary source of calories in wines, lowering alcohol content resulted in fewer calories.

Here are some popular normal wines and their alcohol by volume

  1. White wine 13.5%
  2. Champagne 13%
  3. Prosecco 9-11%
  4. Cava  9 – 10 %
  5. Doctor’s Sauvignon Blanc 9.5%
  6. The Sofia wines  AKA Skinny Girl 12%

These wines are lower in calories but two 175ml glasses of these wines will be 160 odd calories according to our alcohol calorie counter, that is the same as eating two chocolate cookies and would take 30 minutes of walking to burn off.  Research has shown that even occassional indulgence in wine or any other alcoholic drink can be detrimental to your weight loss regime. However, rewarding yourself after a hard week of diet and workout, with things you love can serve as extrinsic motivation to keep working hard. Either way it is upto you to make that decision, its not a deal breaker but one that you could easily avoid.


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