Neuroscience reveals the impact of brain on our food cravings and eating patterns

Neuroscientists say brain function and activity have a crucial role to play in your diet choices. In a serious of studies presented at the annual Society for Neuroscience (sfn) event, scientists associated brain function with eating disorders such as binge eating and purging. Suggesting that eating disorders most likely occur in individuals due to improper brain function and activity.

food-cravingsWith a reality show “Supersize vs Superskinny” dedicated to the issue, eating disorders affect a wider spectrum of people than what we expect, from the anorexic who hates food to the obese who can’t live without it. Events like these can certainly accelerate the process of finding new therapies and strategies for eating disorders.

The event highlighted the following points:

  • In a new strategy to treat eating disorder patients, researchers said that targeted magnetic stimulation of the brain reduced the instances of binge eating and purging.
  • An imbalance in the serotonin system ( emotional high ) could trigger food craving.

Further discussions pointed out that:

  • In just over 36 months, verbal memory declined in the elderly on a diet of processed food and read meat.
  • Body weight of new born babies was affected if mothers used cannabis during pregnancy.
  • Secretion of insulin and suppression of dopamine are the reasons behind sugar crash and the decrease in interest in food observed shortly after eating a sweet, high-fat meal.

“As scientists uncover the impacts of diet on brain function, the adage ‘You are what you eat,’ takes on new meaning,” said press conference moderator Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, PhD, of the University of California, Los Angeles, an expert in the impact of the environment on brain health. “We cannot separate the nutritional benefits of food for the body from that of the mind. What we put into the body also shapes the brain, for better or for worse.”

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