Night shift work causes weight gain and metabolic syndrome

Our lifestyles are going through radical changes and their impact on our health has pretty much been an after thought. Little did we know that we are increasing our chances of diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases if we stay awake during nights.

sleep-deprivationIn a study titled “Circadian Rhythms and Metabolic Syndrome” researchers Eleonore Maury, Kathryn Moynihan Ramsey, and Joseph Bass from Northwestern University in Illinois have shown that metabolic syndromes not only depend on genetic factors but are also dependent on changes in sleep and circadian rhythm ( biological clock ).

The biological clock maintains our body’s energy balance. Disrupting the biological clock changes this balance and that means higher absorption of fats in the bloodstrem.This is certainly not good news, with weight gain and blood pressure being couple of medical complexities that could arise.

Researchers says it would take more time to develop mechanism-based therapeutics ( diet pills ) that could address this problem. Of course, until then the best solution would be to get some sleep on time.

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