Obesity’s Ticking Timebomb

Over the years, men and women ‘s body shapes have changed considerably. Don’t believe me? ¬†Think of Admirable Lord Horatio Nelson and the people of his time and you will see that they were very small in stature.

In the 1940’s when my parents were married, most of the women had a waist size of approximately 18″ – imagine being able to squeeze into an 18″ skirt nowadays (unless of course you are an unhealthy size zero).

Today’s Healthy Weight is Very Different

Today we see more and more people being classed as obese and it has been stated that there are nearly a million people in the UK who fit the criteria for obesity surgery.

The ticking timebomb is that obesity causes many health problems including diabetes,high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems and cancers. Without treatment any of these diseases could result in an early death.  Treatment for these conditions would cost the country billions of pounds; so much so that it could be inhibitive for many, many patients.

One well known procedure for obesity is the Gastric Band surgery which restricts the amount of food the patient can eat by reducing the size of the small gut. As a weight loss aid, this is a very effective solution but this costs approximately £10,000 per operation.

With 62% of the UK population now obese, the problem is no longer one of prevention. Following the Gastric Band surgery, the patient would need to be monitored for life toprevent further health problems, along with nutritional screening to keep the weight off.

Following the weight loss, there is also the need for cosmetic surgery to get rid of the excess skin. With the rise in obesity patients, there is a very real chance that any future operations may not be able to go ahead because of the lack of finances.

As well as the obese population, there is approximately 13 million more who could do with losing 20 to 60 pounds.

So what is to be done?

Our GP’s can offer dietary advice ranging from healthy eating plans and exercise right through to surgery for the obese patient. But there is no clearly defined strategy to overcome this growing problem.

It is time to take control ourselves by looking at our own individual eating habits, our exercise regime and help from approved weight loss supplements.

If you have just a few pounds to lose or you need to lose a lot more weight, there is help at hand for you but you need to read which weight loss group you come into and then which supplement will help you the most to achieve your goal.

There is plenty of help available so take a good look at my Weight Loss Product Reviews now. You can even telephone to speak to a real person for more help.