Oxyelite Pro Dietary Supplements Recalled as FDA Links it to Liver Damage

USPlabs LLC which owns the Oxyelite Pro Dietary Supplements Products has recalled its product.

oxy-elite-pro-fdaToday, FDA announced that USPlabs LLC was recalling the OxyElite Pro from the market with immediate effect. The decision was arrived at after FDA in a letter addressed to the manufacturer linking the drug to liver illness. There was also a possibility that the drug was adulterated.

Threatened with legal action from FDA, USPlabs had little option other than to recall its popular diet pill from the market. The distributors of the drug have also been notified. FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) grants FDA the right to recall any drug in the market and it’s the second such diet pill recalled in the past 12 months.

“We took this step to ensure that adulterated and harmful products do not reach the American public,” said Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine Michael R. Taylor. “We will continue to work with our state, industry and regulatory partners to prevent such products from reaching the public.”

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