How to get six pack abs with ten minutes of exercise a day

Now six pack abs can easily be obtained and they are also known as the holy grail of looking attractive and losing weight. The six pack abs is the cut sets of abdominal muscles and they are attractive too. And having six pack abs is like a dream of every individual. But to get those six pack abs can be a harder and longer procedure especially when you don’t know the perfect way to get those six pack abs.

However, if you continue doing exercise to have six pack of abs then it can be an easiest and simple way to get them. Doing ten minutes of exercise daily is enough and if you follow some tips along with a good diet and some dedication then definitely you can see six pack abs sooner than your expectation.

Our ten-minute exercise will consist of three different actions.

The very first exercise is crunch. For this you have to lay down on a carpeted floor with your feet flat on the ground and you have to bend your knees upward. After this you have to rest you hands behind your head and slowly lift your head and shoulders up towards the ceiling. Here you don’t have to bend your waist like sit up, rather than that you have to push your shoulders straight upward. Do crunches as many times as possible and after that transition into your next exercise quickly.

Second exercise for getting six pack abs is bicycle move. To do this exercise you have to stay in the same position like crunch, but here you have to raise your left elbow to meet your right knee and after that exchange with the remaining knee and elbow. Do this exercise in such a way that you should feel this in your abs. You should keep on doing this exercise till the time you can do and quickly move to your next exercise.

The third and the final exercise, is to move to the hanging leg bend. To do this exercise you have to get some pull up bars, the type of bar should go over a doorframe without leaving a mark. Catch this bar and raise your legs while bending at the waist.

But for novice it is suggested to raise your knees only. But for experienced people it is suggested to lift the entire legs without bending it and with your toes pointed forward. Try to complete as many as sets you can and before moving to your next exercise take 60 seconds rest.

After 60 second rest you should continue doing crunches and keep on doing the entire procedure over again. It is suggested to do about 3 sets of each exercise and all the exercises should get completed within 10 minutes. So, with little perseverance you will get those six pack abs in real time.

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