Chart Shows America’s Obesity Epidemic

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease has released a chart showing the alarming increase in obesity in America to epidemic proportions. According to a recent study, 66% of America is overweight or obese. Every third American agrees that Obesity is the most important health problem facing the country and a total Read more »

Aerobics may be the best exercise for teenage girls

Teenagers worrying about their weight, no longer need to worry about the best exercise to get results. Dr. SoJung Lee, Assistant Professor at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, in a study examining aerobic exercises against resistance exercises found aerobic exercises were far more effective in reducing fat tissue around important organs Read more »

Healthy diets promote graceful aging

A healthy diet, not just good for your immediate health, but an investment that keeps rewarding as you age. Researchers have been successful in finding the link between your diet and aging.  They found that women in their 50s showed remarkable signs of slowing or reversing aging, when they were Read more »

Probiotic cheese helps to reduce BMI

Can you lose weight and enjoy your cheese? Yes, say researchers from Institute of Nutrition, Russia. Their studies have found that a calorie-deficit diet supplemented with a probiotic cheese helps to reduce BMI and your blood pressure. Cheese has been considered as a complete "no-no" in many of the weight Read more »