Obesity’s Ticking Timebomb

Over the years, men and women ‘s body shapes have changed considerably. Don’t believe me?  Think of Admirable Lord Horatio Nelson and the people of his time and you will see that they were very small in stature. In the 1940’s when my parents were married, most of the women had a waist size of […] Read more »

Health & Fatness

As featured in Sunday Express Magazine – Sunday 29th August 2010 Every time you open a newspaper or magazine or switch on the news lately, inevitably you will find something about obesity.  It is reported that the UK has the highest obesity rates in the world and it seems that we are always being nagged […] Read more »

Cholesterol Can Be Dangerous

Look Out For These 3 Major Causes How many of us have actually stopped to think about what we eat and the effects it has on our Cholesterol? Not many, I’m sure, but we all need to think about it, especially in these days of fast food and take-aways that are packed with saturated fats. […] Read more »

Eat Your Way to Better Health

Taken from an article in Women’s Weekly – 25th May 2010 No matter what magazine or newspaper we read these days, there is almost always something about the best foods to eat to keep slim and healthy; but can we believe anything that we are told any longer? It’s so difficult to know what is […] Read more »

Why Do Some People Never Seem to Get Fat?

BBC Article. With the increase in the amount of people in the UK now classed as ‘clinically obese’, the obsession with our weight has reached epidemic proportions. Despite the amount of advice and diets available, Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England, has said that we are facing an ‘obesity time-bomb’. In order to […] Read more »

BMI Measurement Update

BMI (Body Mass Index) has been used for many years to assess how much fat is stored in our body to check if we are overweight, underweight, normal or obese. A recent report on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has stated that, using BMI for this purpose has its limitations and is out of date and BVI […] Read more »