Probiotic cheese helps to reduce BMI

cheeseCan you lose weight and enjoy your cheese? Yes, say researchers from Institute of Nutrition, Russia. Their studies have found that a calorie-deficit diet supplemented with a probiotic cheese helps to reduce BMI and your blood pressure.

Cheese has been considered as a complete “no-no” in many of the weight loss diets and this new research puts a cloud over those claims.While probiotic cheese does contain calories like any other food, it also contains beneficial microbes that helps increase our metabolic rate.

The study was done within a period of 3 weeks, with 25 people given probiotic cheese and 15 people given normal cheese. There were no difference in total calorie among the cheeses as both of them contained 350 kcal per 100 gram servings. After the three week period when the results were analysed it was evident that the probiotic L. plantarum or TENZA  ( a beneficial microbe ) was higher in the group that consumed probiotic cheese.  Body mass index (BMI) was significantly reduced in the probiotic cheese group versus the control cheese group.

Further reading : Hypocaloric diet supplemented with probiotic cheese improves body mass index and blood pressure indices of obese hypertensive patients – a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study

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