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Do you feel depressed and low on energy? That is your body telling you that it is running low on nutrients. There can be variety of reasons for your body to run low on nutrients like lack of wholesome foods in your diet or medical conditions. The best source for nutrients is without a shadow of doubt ” wholesome foods ” but circumstances do prevent us from eating nutrient rich foods, it is when multivitamins can provide you the required nutrients.

It seems Optimum Nutrition have taken “bigger the better” to their heart  and included upto 75 ingredients into their premier multivitamin product “Opti-Men Multivitamins. You can see why it is a ” comprehensive nutrient optimization system ” and not just a multivatimin with an assortment of ingredients that even includes amino acid blends & herbal extracts.

Opti-Men has focused on performance supplementation and not just nutritional replacement with 5 different performance blends.

  1. Lean muscle is key to athletic performance,  Amino-Blend contains 8 key free-form acids (including Arginine, Glutamine, and BCAAs) the right combination of nutrients to fuel lean muscle growth.
  2. Viri-Blend containing 8 exotic botanicals and marine concentrates provides everything necessary for better male hormonal health.
  3. Combat the ill-effects of free radicals with Phyto-Blend, packed with 20 antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable extracts to detox and combat free radicals.
  4. Enjoy digestive and metabolic health to improve nutrition levels with Enzy-Blend, contains 4 specific metabolic enzymes.
  5. Finally, the single most comprehensive multivitamin and nutrition coverage blend, Opti-Blend with 25 vitamins and essential minerals with an extra large dosage of Vitamin B’s.

Optimum Nutrition adheres to GMP manufacturing standards and superior quality of all the 75 active ingredients is ensured through COA ( certificate of analysis ) .

  1. Amino-blend: 800 mg of Free-Form amino acids.
  2. Viri-blend: 525 mg of vitality enhancing extracts.
  3. Phyto-blend: 240 mg of Fruit and Vegetable phytocomple.
  4. 300 mg of  B complex vitamins.



Optimum Nutrition recommends taking 3 capsules a day along with water before food.

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